Essay about The Culture And Its Effect On Human Culture

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The first time I heard the word chuño it made me laugh. I was about six years old, and thought it was an amusing word for a type of potato This awkwardly shaped, black, chewy tubercle is unique to the freezing temperatures and high altitudes of the Bolivian terrains. Bolivia is a country with hundreds of different types of potatoes that grow on the Andean plateaus. Beautifully and brightly colored potatoes that are cultivated and deliciously cooked to be a staple part of the everyday diet. To the non-Bolivian, they might be able to relate to some strands of potatoes, but certainly not all. Clearly many countries are familiar with the potato; some countries might smash them others might fry them but they are usually loved and understood. Personally, chuño is a representation of the dynamics that exists in every culture. In any given culture there might be features one understands and even relates to, but there might be others that seem outright unappetizing or unacceptable. I have learnt that these are the barriers every culture faces, the aspects that other cultures don 't understand or are not aware of. In my experiences the acceptance and sensitivity to other cultures begins by understanding and accepting one’s own culture. My parents immigrated to the United States from countries where the odds were greatly stacked against them. My mother from Bolivia and my father from Cuba, came to this country in search for opportunity and a chance at success. Food was one of the…

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