The Cultivation Theory Will Help Me Find An Understanding On The Transition Of Female Roles

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The cultivation theory will help me find an understanding on the transition of female roles in science fiction films. Films are a big part of the culture here in the United States. Today superheroes are the common films made today but it is slowly starting to shift to science fiction and horror films. Many fans of the superhero movies look up to the heroes in the films and want to be just like them. Depending on the gender the viewer their hero most likely the same. There have not been many female heroes in the past films but have becoming a popular theme in the newer films, like Mad Max and Star Wars VII. Surprisingly there has not been as much research done on female roles in the science fiction horror films. This made researching difficult, but the peer-reviewed journals and articles found did share a few repeated themes. There were a number of articles about the cultivation theory and how the authors did their research based on their question. All of them applied it to popular television shows and none were on box office movies. The number one thing they all had in common was that they discussed the women’s role in films. The role of an actress was similar in both genres, even though the stories and style are different. Women played two main roles in the films which are, a mother type role and the final girl.

Women roles in the 1950’s represented how a perfect wife and mother should be at home. They were expected to follow one path in their life and that…

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