Essay on The Cuban Missile Crisis

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The Mishandling of the Cuban Missile Crisis Some of the most nerve-racking moments in United States history happened during the Cold War. Every day, people worried that the Soviet Union was about to launch a full-scale nuclear attack on them. These types of worries peaked in the early 1960s because of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Castro’s growing relationship with Khrushchev started to really instill fear into not only the American public, but to the entire world as a whole. Not only was the Soviet Union forming an alliance with an unpredictable dictator, their nuclear weapons were now considerably closer to United States land. This meant that the United States would now have very little time to react if they were attacked. Now, despite the fact that this event ended without a big incident, the events leading up to the crisis, and the crisis itself, were not dealt with effectively. Many of the events that took place and the decisions that were reached led to increased tensions and in some cases, to some lives being lost. But in the end, a nuclear war was avoided. Still, the three leaders of the each country during the crisis-Fidel Castro, Nikita Khrushchev, and John F. Kennedy- nearly caused an all-out nuclear war with their numerous slipups.
Cuban-Russian-American Relations In the years following World War II, the United States went on a campaign against Communist countries. Because of this, their relationship with the Soviet Union immediately went south. Both sides were…

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