The Cruelty Of Society Towards Women Essay

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The Cruelty of Society Towards Women in The Grandissimes
Ashley Renshaw says, “Always stand for what you believe in because it might just be the change the world needs.” Like Renshaw, Aurora and Clotilde go to extreme measures to stand firm in what they believe in while encountering many obstacles along the way. In George Washington Cable’s book, The Grandissimes, Cable shows his readers the harshness society presses upon Creole women during the nineteenth century. Cable’s depiction of the situation of women in the South, common with societal expectancies during the nineteenth century across America, categorizes women as passive bystanders throughout The Grandissimes. To begin, Cable allows his readers to see the harshness society throws upon women by not allowing them to work. For example, Clotilde embellishes on the harshness of societal expectancies on Creole women by saying, “I mean it is just the contrary; we are compelled not to make a living” (Cable 255). As one can see, Clotilde is upset with the fact that she can do many types of jobs that can provide an income to her family, however; society will not allow her to work because she is of high aristocracy. Cable’s use of dialogue clearly shows that Clotilde and Aurora have to be spectators of their own interest because societal views of working Creole women is a preposterous statement during this time period. Similarly, in “Do You Not Know That Women Can Make Money?”, Duet gives her readers an excellent statement…

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