The Crucible Of The Salem Witch Trials Essay

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Inside the house of Reverend Samuel Paris in 1692 started the very beginning of the Salem Witch Trials. A small group of young girls were having fun with their friends and performing “fortune-telling” and “little sorceries” practices. The actions of these girls were all in good fun until one day their games were presented to the general public in which everyone feared the worst. These rumors spread around the town frantically and little did the girls know they were in grave danger. This tale of black magic involved very strange behaviors such as fits of screaming, convulsions, and barking. The worst of all is that black magic challenged the supremacy of God, which was a capital offense. Eventually this news came to the eyes of powerful people such as William Griggs who pronounced to the public that witchcraft was a source of malady and that the devil was here and he is here to stay. The trails then began and madness was about to start in the village of Salem.
Bridget Bishop was the first to be executed; it was believed that she caused the death of a child by visiting a ghost and causing the child to cry out and then the child officially declined in health. Witchcraft was deemed as a “habitual” offense that was a product of multiple types of evidence. This poses the question of whether the accused in the seventeenth century received a fair trial. I do not believe they were given a fair trail for a multitude of reasons. Based on today’s due process laws the only value the…

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