The Crucible Of The Salem Witch Trials Essay

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As the summer passes and autumn arrives, the witch trials have now officially caused major restlessness in neighboring towns, and this makes Danforth grow nervous. Abigail decides to run away with all of Parris’s money with her. Reverend Hale has now completely lost his faith in the court, and begins begging the accused witches to confess falsely so that they can save their lives, however, they refuse in order to keep their honor. Judge Danforth comes up with an idea however, he asks Elizabeth to please talk to John and convince him to confess, and she agrees. John agrees to confess because of his desire to live, however he refuses to incriminate anyone else. The court insists that the confession be made public however, and John gets very angry and begins to tear up the contract and retracts his admission of guilt. Despite all of Hale’s efforts, Proctor and the others go to the gallows and the witch trials end with their dreadful conclusion. Ultimately, The Crucible shows what the times were like during the Salem witch trials, and it does so very well. The times that these trials took place were some of the roughest times throughout history when it comes to the court system. The court was too easily persuaded of witchcraft and this caused many innocent people to die due to the judicial systems mistakes. As a future lawyer myself, I am appalled by the way that the judges were so easily persuaded of witchcraft, and it makes it even more disgraceful that the girls who were…

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