The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay examples

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Arthur Miller experienced a crucible when choosing how to juxtapose history during the Salem Witch Trials and Communist Red Scare. Like an excellent physician would diagnose his patient after research, Miller dug beneath the surface to find the causes that would affect the title of his play. But, the title needed to have multiple meanings to display the causes. Arthur Miller entitled his play The Crucible because he wanted to reflect the situation that forced The Crucible characters, Americans during McCarthy’s reign, and Miller alone to make or change difficult decisions (“Crucible” ). Whether in Massachusetts in 1692, the United States in 1950, or the author himself, the title of The Crucible embraced “the heat of the moment” which significantly caused decisiveness among innocent and guilty individuals.
It was no mistake for Arthur Miller to use crux, a pivotal and decisive point or a cross, as the root word of The Crucible because it serves as its synonym and is also the root word of crucify. He used the symbolism of a cross because each character had to crucify an abstract possession. Parallel, Miller uses the tangible definition of the crucible, a pot in which substances are melted (“Crucible”), for each character 's intangible sacrifice. These internal “substances” had to melt in the crucible of their heart because of the heat faced. John Proctor nails his morality to the cross in order to resurrect his honesty and personal righteousness in the two trials he…

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