The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essays

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Even though Arthur Miller’s The Crucible involves a majority of the population of Salem, at its core, the play is about a single man, John Proctor, and his quest to redeem his soul amidst personal and public turmoil. The city of salem during the sixteenth century was ran by the hierarchy of The Church and the court and had been going threw a lot of turmoil. This left little rights for the rest of the townspeople. During this time period being apart of the Church would open many doors for you socially. Men of The Church had been looked upon better than those who did not take part in church gatherings. Salem was a relatively small town with small town values. These famous witch hunts began in 1692. Abigail Williams, niece of honorable Minister, Samuel Parris, had been known to be the main accuser during these trials. At first Parris felt doubtful of witchcraft in Salem but the Putnam’s, a couple who owned lots of land in Salem, supported the ideas that blackmagic was indeed going on. When Parris’ daughter, Betty, fell ill the Putnam’s declared it had been the victim of a spell. Even the doctor’s assistant said, "But he bid me tell you, that you might look to unnatural things for the cause of it" (P.9). Previous to Betty falling ill, she and other girls had been caught dancing in the woods late at night. Abby had been one of the girls among them, when questioned about this she finally broke down and said that Tituba, the Parris family’s servant, had been seen practicing…

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