The Crossing By Ruben Martinez Summary

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Ruben Martinez is a journalist whose work focuses on immigration, Mexican politics, and globalization. The reason being is that he is Mexican-AMerican and feels strongly for immigration. He is known for his feelings about immigration and has published many books. His work led to him winning an Emmy award along with several other accolades. He was also an editor at LA Weekly for five years. In Martinez’s article, “The Crossing,” published in 2006, he argues that immigration is a common theme. In this essay, I will identify the claims he makes. In addition, I will connect his argument and sub claims with other texts and see how they connect. Next, I will analyze the outside texts in order to show how they illustrate, clarify, extend, or complicate Martinez 's claims. And lastly, I will show why the secondary texts make significant connections to Martinez’s claims .Let’s identify Martinez’s first sub claim. …show more content…
This claim is found when Martinez was in a tough situation. He had to decide whether to help an injured man and break the law or ignore the injured man and obey the law. Martinez chose to help the injured man and break the law. This shows that Martinez argues that we must value human life regardless of the situation. Martinez 's claim is supported by other texts. One author that agrees with Martinez is Ruth Crowther. Crowther complicates Martinez’s claim. In her article, “Helping people with severe mental illness to obtain work:systematic review,” argues that humans need to value life by helping the mentally ill work because mentally ill people are better workers when they have support compared to when they have prevocational training. Crowther uses evidence to back up his

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