Essay about The Criminal Law Of Embezzlement

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The criminal penalties of those who participate in bribery for both parties are giving and receiving usually faced felonies punishable by a state prison term of one year or more (Mince-Didler, n.d.). Other consequences pertaining public officials or employees who accept bribes may also be forced from their jobs and may become ineligible to work for the government or serve in any elected or appointed position (Mince-Didler, n.d.).
Embezzlement is a form of property theft. It occurs once a defendant who was entrusted to monitor or manage someone else’s money or property, steals all or a portion of money or property for personal gain. In order for someone to successfully get away with embezzlement the key component is to have legal access to their money or property (Steiner, n.d.). Whenever someone takes money or property for their own gain this is considered stealing. Stealing is a violation of a special position of trust that is a distinctive crime of embezzlement (Steiner, n.d.). Embezzlement has unique laws that cover not only theft but public officials employed the state and cities. In some areas, state and federal embezzlement laws sometimes overlap. This crime is often included within states and but federal offenses occurs with employees of banks, lending, credit or insurance institution. (Steiner, n.d.). But, it is interesting that both however, incidents can be charged by either federal or state for the prosecutor to bring charges forward.…

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