The Criminal Justice System Is Known For Having An Open Mind While On The Job

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The criminal justice system is known for having an open mind while on the job. These people are supposed to “‘check their personal attitudes at the door’ when coming to work” (Rich, & Seffrin, 2012). Most of the time law enforcement and other members of the criminal justice system are able to be professional and not bring personal biases into the job. There are times; however, where law enforce bring their objectives to the job. This can be seen when there is a rape case. Some officers have accepted the myths that are spread about rape victims. The myths they hear can be different from what the general public hears. These myths revolve around issues relating to false rape accusations (Mennicke et al., 2014). The officers do not want to spend time following leads that are inaccurate based of the victim’s testimony. Since the officers know that, some rape cases are false they sometimes have a hard to believing some rape accusation (Mennicke et al., 2014). Another problem that can influence an officer’s decision about a rape case is that some officers do not know all of the laws related to rape. The officers do not know the whole definition of rape (Mennicke et al., 2014). This causes them to have more of a negative attitude towards victims of rape. Though there are officer who accept myths about rape victims, there is a larger majority, especially females, who do not have rape myth acceptance (Mennicke et al., 2014; Rich, & Seffrin, 2012). Female officer tend to have a better…

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