The Criminal Justice System Is Influenced By Many Factors Essay

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The criminal justice system is influenced by many factors, one of the most important being society (Kraska 296). Late modernity makes sense of criminal justice behavior by situating the criminal justice apparatus within larger social, cultural and political contexts (296). This orientation has as much to do with understanding the times we live in, as with understanding the criminal justice system (296). Late modernity also places a premium on understanding the entire landscape instead of focusing primarily on the criminal justice system (296). This broader focus allows for policy creation that benefits society and the criminal justice system. David Garland argues, “today’s world of crime control and criminal justice was not brought into being by rising crime rates or by a loss of faith in penal welfarism, or at least not by those alone” (301). Instead it was created by a series of adaptive responses to the cultural changes, which include new problems of crime and insecurity, and new attitudes towards the welfare state (Kraska 301). Several issues have arisen in the last few decades that have given way to this new approach to the criminal justice system. Over time crime control practices and doing justice “have had to adopt to an increasingly insecure economy,” (302). The theme that dominates our society in this era is a desire for “security, orderliness, and control, for the management of risk and the taming of chance,” (302). This desire is a reaction to the decades of…

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