The Crime Of The Police Essay

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The Police
I do not particularly enjoy controversy especially when it has to do with something as sensitive as race. Here in America we are facing more and more issues everyday having to do with race. Lately, it is mostly been between #BlackLivesMatter and the #BlueLivesMatter groups. The Black Lives Matter movement started after a number of young black men were shot and killed by white police officers. Most of those police officers have been acquitted from the acquisition of murder thus far saying that the shooting deaths were justified. “As protectors and guardians of public safety, police should be trusted to respect human dignity and uphold the human rights of all people. Yet, all around the world, police too often evoke fear of violence and repression, a far cry from their civic and social purpose.” (Sidibé.1.) I have to admit that even I have found myself about to cry and become fearful the two times that I have gotten pulled by a police officer for a minor traffic violation. I agree that in some case, law enforcement has become very intimidating but we should try to put ourselves in their shoes for a minute. Do you ever wonder how worried they are whenever they have to get out of their car to give someone a ticket? They never know if they will make it home after their shift or not. It is logical for the public to hold law enforcement officials to a higher standard but at the same time we have to remember they are not only officers of the law they are humans, just…

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