The Creation Of The World Essay

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Many, many years ago there was a time when there were no humans roaming the earth until the creation of people came along with different people with different creations tried to make people, but they usually failed. With only people on the earth, it might get a little lonely being the only kind of living thing around. Next thing they did was the creatures came up with an idea to make birds, panther, bears, cows sheep and many other kinds of animals. This helped the creators have someone supervise them while they create. With all of this, there could not be anything without the planet earth. Many of creators such as, Pachacamac, Nuwa, Pangu, Yin, and Yang and lots of others had created our land, mountains, valleys, rivers, and oceans and many more things. We would not have anything today if it wasn’t for all of our creator 's ideas of the creations they made for us.

In several Motifs, men were made out of clay. The first creation would be the Mayan Creation. This creation tried to create people out of clay and wood. The next creation would be Inuit- He created people out of pea pod plants. By doing that, Raven had the land full of pea pod plants all over. About after 5 days the pea pod burst into the air, then a fully grown man walked out of it. The Egyptian creation is another example of how people were created. Shuh is the one who tried to make people out of their thoughts and shadow. Autumn gave birth to the a son and daughter and named her Tefnut and Shu. These…

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