The Cpu Of A Computer Essay

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Induction Assignment
Task 1

CPU – The CPU of a computer stands for ‘Central Processing Unit’. Many people know this as the brain of the computer

RAM – The RAM of a computer stands for ‘Random Access Memory’. The computers temporary memory is stored here.

Hard Drive – The Hard Drive is used to store files and folders.

Graphics Card – A Graphics Card is used by the computer to generate images onto your Screen (Both 2D and 3D)

Power Supply – A Power Supply is used to power your device and keep it running.

Screen – A Screen is used to show the images generated from your Graphics Card. Optical Drive – An Optical Drive is used to read and/or write information onto as disk such as CDs, DVDs and Blu Rays.

Software – A Software is a program that is put on your Device

Task 2

CPU – The CPU is vital to your device as it processes information which then executes a program that is loaded onto your computer. The better your CPU means the faster files and software will load on your computer.

RAM – As stated before, all temporary memory is located in the RAM, once your computer is turned off, the RAM is reset and you lose all the data stored in it. If you have a larger RAM then more memory can be stored from your computer.

Hard Drive – The larger the size of the Hard Drive, the more files and folders you can put on it. The sizes of Hard Drives can vary from 1GB (Gigabyte) up to 6TB (Terabyte)

Graphics Card – A Graphics Card can be installed…

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