Essay on The Court Of Justice By Robert Gee

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It seemed that the judge was running late. As we waited for the judge, the lawyers were talking amongst each other, the court clerk occasionally engaged in conversation. And the bailiffs were also talking amongst each other. The court clerk eventually went towards the judge’s chambers, as he entered into the courtroom. She asked the court to rise, and introduced the judge, Robert Gee. He seemed young, mid to late 30s, his hair was combed back, and wore a long black robe. Trial took place in Ontario Court of Justice. Court was in session at 10:45am. Before proceeding with the trial, the judge apologized for being late and went on to explain that he had to meet with a judge who had come down from Manitoba. He spoke softly but his tone was firm. The judge rescheduled the first few trials, this was probably due to time constraints because he was late. The bailiff brought the accused into the courtroom, Kenneth Robert Custaldi. He pled guilty on three counts, assault, s.265 of the Criminal Code, possession of firearm, s. 92 of the Criminal Code, and careless use and storage of firearm, s.86 of the Criminal Code. The incident took place on February 13, 2016. Kenneth Robert Custaldi and Cinthiya Tickel were common law partners for fifteen years. A fight broke out pertaining to multiple issues, mainly regarding money. The fight had escalated, Mr. Custaldi grabbed Cinthiya Tickel by the chest, pushed he on the couch, and then grabbed her by the neck. The police call from Ccithiya…

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