Essay on The Course Of The Spring Semester

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Over the course of the spring semester I have had the pleasure of working with a number of students at a local high school. There has been a large range of ages, countries, and literacy. All of them had their struggles to understand and learn english but I was thoroughly impressed with each one 's progress. I made a connection with a girl that we will call “M.” I chatted with her one day after helping a few others with math. She was so interested to talk about me and my college experience expressing to me that she wants to go one day for psychology but does not yet have the grade level to get in. She would have been able to go in Egypt had she not have moved. After this incident I had noticed her light up when she saw me come in so I chose her to do this interview with. She was very sweet and offered to stay after to help me complete my assignment. M is from Egypt and came to America 9 months ago, her english is great for only being here a short amount of time. When I told her that she responded with, “I watch a lot of movies and tv” this is a great way to pick up the language.
M moved to Portland with her mom, 3 sisters, and older brother. She is 20 and the second oldest in her family. Her siblings all attend school with her, she has a sister who is a junior, another who is a senior, and the youngest is in middle school. From my research on the family structure in Egypt I have learned that family is very important. A lot of time is spent with family and gatherings are…

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