The County Board Of Elections Essay

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I have been employed by the Suffolk County Board of Elections since October, 2008. I 'm always surprised that people believe this is a seasonal job, at best. There are approximately 900,000 registered voters in Suffolk County, and we are responsible for maintaining their voting records and eligibility, address changes and corrections, as well as party enrollment changes and corrections. We update records of voter deaths, and relocations in and out of the county. We are also responsible for running the Local, State and Federal elections and insuring the integrity of same. We take the election process to nursing homes and veteran 's residencies county-wide to provide that segment of our population with the opportunity to exercise their right to vote. We are responsible for servicing and maintaining the electronic voting systems, and we oversee their usage by school districts, libraries and fire districts for their various elections. We also see to it that upwards of 20,000 United States citizens in the military and living abroad receive their respective election ballots as well. This is definitely a full-time, year-round job! There are 1,100 election districts in Suffolk County. On election days, each election district (ED) is manned by a minimum of four New York State Certified Election Inspectors. One of my duties at the Board of Elections (BOE) is to train these inspectors for their yearly recertification. In Suffolk County at the present time, there are approximately…

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