The Country Of North Korea Essay

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It is forbidden for people who live in the country of North Korea to leave the country without permission of the government in power. Not only being on strict limits for leaving the country, the government in power tries to limit/restrict the people of North Koreas movement even inside their own country. You must have a clearly stated particular responsibility/duty or purpose if you wish to go to another part of the country and receive permission from your work unit. For those not living in Pyongyang, access to enter is expected to be denied. (Tanaka 2008) As one would expect, the government in power has developed forms of punishment for those willing to attempt to escape the country. There are so many people running away from North Korea that there 's nowhere for all of them to go. Most make it to China. Tens of thousands of North Koreans had fled to China for food, survival, opportunity, and for life. Some even attempt to cross the border in search of food items to use or sell in North Korea. China 's official policy is to send them back across the border. There they are either killed or given to a labor camp for at least 20 years of violent/difficult work that usually turns out to be just as effective as any death penalty. The Chinese government guesses of a number that there are up to 200,000 North Koreans. Many people who make it out of North Korea via China still end up dying during their long travels. (Handley 2013) Although North Koreans technically need to…

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