The Counterculture Of The 60 's Candidness Essay

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The Hippie era has come to end and the days of self awareness have arrived. Instead of focusing on love to all, many Americans were indulging in their own self pleasure. According to Alfred Kinsey’s research,” Americans sexual behavior deviated from their widely accepted norms” (Escoffier 1). Wilhelm Reich added to Kinsey’s research with the remark that he, “believed sexual repression overwhelmingly distorted psychological development “(Escoffier 1). To further societies receptivity of sexuality the case Roth v. United States in 1956, “created a public arena in which it became possible to discuss sex and represent it both literary and visually” (Escoffier 1). Furthermore the counterculture of the 60’s candidness for sexuality contributed to the consciousness of fundamental culture alteration creating a platform for the next generation to build on. The “Me” decade of the 70’s experienced a sexual revolution which leads to the emergence of risqué discotheques, sexually fueled lyrics, and allowed gender-bending artists to come into existence.
For instance, individuals were searching for a unique way to escape the realities of home. The 70’s saw the emergence of pluralism; individual interest surpasses mass trends (Powers 2). This generation of youths needed some sort of elevated experience that was easily accessible which leads to the birth of discotheques. These Discotheques emerge out of an urban subculture, and disregard the conventions held by a rock enthusiast (Hoffman…

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