The Counterculture Analysis

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“Come mothers and father throughout the land/ and don’t criticize what you can’t understand/ Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command/ Your old road is rapidly agin’/ Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand/ for the times they are a-changin”. The pure essence of these Bob Dylan lyrics portrays a clear illustration of the overall ambiance the youth supplied the nation with back in the 1960’s era. He alludes to American citizens through his lyrics how the nation as a whole is beginning to shift in ways the adolescent population has formed. Their perspective brought new economical values, societal values, and political institutions to the U.S in ways never seen before. This is what we classify as, “The Counterculture” …show more content…
This rebellious way of life emerged from a post World War 2 movement, thus also resulting in the baby boom generation. They found themselves bothered due to gender conflicts, racism, consumerism, and the overall conservative environment opposing to orthodox American customs. During this time in the United States, Mexicans, blacks, Japanese, and Chinese immigrants were the targets of discrimination in relation to employment, and property ownership. Chinese Americans were constantly denied citizenship until it reached the 1950s era. At this time, their accessibility to having an occupation was limited and the law prohibited them from owning property. This issue does not only speak for itself, but similar situations occurred throughout other races aside from the white population (RACE – History – Post-War Economic Boom and Racial Discrimination.(n.d).Retrieved September 19, 2015). People of different ethnicities had found themselves being the target of copious amounts of prejudice provoked by American society. Aside from racial segregation, America was buzzing with consumerism as the economy started to flourish. After World War 2, the defined way of being a consumer didn’t mean pleasing yourself in a lenient desire, “The good purchaser devoted to ‘more, newer, better’ was the good citizen,” historian Lizabeth Cohen says (RACE – History – Post-War Economic Boom …show more content…
In the 1960’s era a new problem had struck America during the times of the counterculture…The Vietnam war. The teenagers who were apart of the rebellious youth culture were unwillingly being sent off to go fight in this new war the United States had become a part of. The opposition of this war grew substantially and the anti-war cause was to be known as the largest protest movement in the history of the U.S taken on by the youth movement (The Anti-Vietnam War Movement of the 1960’s.(n.d.).Retrieved September 19, 2015). Massive numbers of youth gathered in a variation of public places to utilize their rights to free speech and articulate their purpose to American citizens. It became a united assembly of young minds coming together in a Utopian society. During the war, the hippies encouraged love to be free with whomever you desired, despite their gender or racial being. The hippies use their love to defeat the societal ills America had come to see. The youngsters involved in this movement had alienated themselves from the norm by the way they dressed, spoke, listened to music, and viewed the world. Instead of the typical suit and tie or modest dress, they wore what helped them express who they were through lively colors and patterns, and opening up their bodies as a way to show

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