Essay about The Cost Of The College Education

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Many debate the cost of the college education. Some say that the cost of school should be free for students regardless of the grade level. Some say that government financing college institution is in part the reason why the United States has an extreme deficit in the budget. Presidential candidate, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said, “I will make tuition free at public colleges and universities, lower student loan interest rates for current and future borrowers, ensure all children have access to a quality education by fighting to ensure equal access to educational resources, and make childcare and pre-K universal and affordable.” The investment in education is a concern for many people as either students, regular members of society, or as tax paying citizens.
College students pursue higher education in hopes that one day they will enter the job market with prestigious positions and high earnings. The cost to the students, society, and tax payers combined invested in higher education is trillions of dollars every year. The average value of credit hours earned per previous college studaent currently in the work force is about $174 per credit hour. This value represents the average increase in wages that former students received in 2012 for every credit hour they completed at colleges or universities. The value per credit hour varies depending on the students’ age, with the highest value applied to the credit hour production of students who had been employed the…

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