The Cost Of Health Care Essay

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The cost of health care in the US, have reached astronomical figures. Both authors discuss crucial elements, which they believe must be achieved to improve the system, each on different ends of the spectrum. One an advocate for more markets in healthcare, and the other for universal health insurance. Schansberg provided a more detailed stance on market reform (a few areas will be highlighted) in comparison to Kuttner’s brief but compelling views on opposing the development of markets. Discussions surround health care affordability, issues such as pre-existing conditions, and incentives.
Schansberg contents that over the last 50 decades (regardless of political party), although the government has become increasingly active in health care, it has continually failed at controlling health care cost (increased from 25 – 50% of overall spending) (Schansberg, 2011). Medicaid, Medicare and Veterans Administration are three government programs that account for $700 billion in health spending (Schansberg, 2011). Suggestions to tackle this huge spending issue includes privatizing or providing states with Medicaid control. Increasing state control can be beneficial, decreasing the process of funds transferred to the federal government only to be disseminated back to the state. The author proposes a voucher system for veterans to purchase health insurance and seek services from private insurers and facilities of their choice (Schansberg, 2011). In terms of Medicare, having vouchers, in…

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