The Cost Of Health Care Essay

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conducted by Spetz, Jacobs, and Hatler (2007) stated older adult patients who fell and had injuries had $4,233 higher charges and 12.3 days for length of stay. This cost ultimately increases the hospital budget by 61% and 71% increase to house and care for the patient related to the extended length of stay. However, these costs do not include lawsuits or expenses associated with rehabilitation outside of the hospital, pain and suffering the patient experiences. The cost of health care continues to be a major issue in health care policy decisions (Titler et al., 2005). The high cost associated with falls among the older adult population validates the importance of patient safety within the hospital setting. For example, fall prevention and intervention strategies implemented for patients at risk for falls should include surveillance, bed alarms, hourly rounding, assistive walking devices, signage, wristband for identification, yellow socks with non-slid soles, and patient education (Spetz et al. 2007). According to the Titler study of fall among patients, nursing interventions focused on fall prevention. The implementation of nursing interventions decreased the cost and rate of falls; however, when preventative interventions were neglected, the cost of care increased significantly (Titler et al., 2006).
Identify and describe the tenets of the community population assessment model you used for your assessment The community population assessment model used as a guide…

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