The Cost Of College Is Undermining Our Education System Essay

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The Cost of College is Undermining our Education System.

Our education system has been a very heated topic of discussion for the last 50+ years, countless speeches, books, and articles have been used to pinpoint the core problems and tribulations. Whether you go to school or you do not we all have our idea’s about the specifics affecting our education negatively and how they can be fixed. For as long as college has existed it has been viewed as the most important step you can take to gather more knowledge and set yourself up for success. Considering all we have been told about how great these institutions are, it is shocking to find out that universities are on a decline because of extreme costs. “Why is it so expensive?” is a question that many individuals ponder upon, but answering the question has been raising our eyebrows for the better half of a century. In “A New Course” by Magdalena Kay she incorporates Christopher Lasch’s writings from the 1970’s to identify the contemporary problems that universities are facing. Kay states that “Our current sense of crisis is partly a crisis of faith in what were are teaching”. This quote shows that teachers are uncomfortable with the curriculum they are being told to teach. With all of the resources students have today to always know what is going on at all times around them, there is no question that there is a higher demand for more relevant topics in…

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