The Conventions Of County Music Essay

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Conventions of County Music After listening to the discussion about what the conventions of country music videos are, I was not convinced that they were as big of a determining factor as was being portrayed. I wanted to research into whether these conventions held true for different artists and their videos. I decided to look at what would happen if we were to abandon the background music that went with the song lyrics and the artist’s typical genre to see if the lines of conventions became blurred. I decided to take into consideration only the artist’s appearance in the video, the set of the video, and the lyrics to see if it was enough to determine what genre the video should fit into.
The Artists
Keith Urban is a chart topping country music performer that has made a name for himself despite being from New Zealand. He is nominated for Entertainer of the year for the Country Music Awards coming up November 2, 2016. He is known for his guitar riffs that can take a fan’s breath away. Despite being at the top of the country music charts, “Tonight I Wanna Cry” video does not fit the conventions that are associated with country music. It is a simple video with Keith playing a baby grand piano in what looks to be an old factory turned into an open living space like one would see in a downtown area. His appearance is not a traditional country look with cowboy hat and boots. There is nothing to the set of the video that screams out “country”. Moreover, the lyrics do not hold true…

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