The Controversy Surrounding The State Of The Native American Tribes And Why The United States Of America

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Because of the controversy surrounding the history of Ward Churchill, criticizing the man and ignoring the message would seem the easier choice. However, this is necessary for reviewing “Crimes against Humanity”. This is a stark essay in which the thesis he used was the unfair treatment of Native Americans in the United States of America. In the first section of his essay, Churchill discussed the stereotypes and other forms of negative imagery associated with the Native American culture within professional sports. Using examples in both football and baseball, he states even simple names and gestures such as a “Tomahawk Chop” may seem harmless, but in reality is greatly offensive to an overlooked culture because they are not as present or as vocal as other minorities in the US (Churchill 554). He then switches the subject over to the greater issue to discuss the genocide of the Native American tribes and why the government is accountable. All three types of appeals that he uses for this essay, stating facts and using emotion over reason in both remorse and anger throughout both parts. He begins with the logos appeal in the first section, using it sparingly to mention several protests by the Native American community and their leaders over the use of these images and gestures. These are effective tools as signs of support through non-violence have proven effective in a campaign of change to a more positive viewpoint. He uses the pathos appeal more effectively,…

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