Essay The Controversy Over The Dakota Access Pipeline

841 Words Nov 17th, 2016 4 Pages
The controversy arisen from the Dakota Access Pipeline has created a divide between Native American activists verses a large United States pipeline company and police officials. Both Energy Transfer Partners and indigenous activists sociologically construct this situation to result in very different ideals of what the pipeline will contribute to society. The Native Americans advocate environmental rights while the corporation advocates economic growth. The legal consciousness of Native Americans also contributes to how they interact with emplaced laws affecting their actions to halt pipeline production. Using critical race theory and over policing, this essay will analyze Native Americans interactions with law.
The Dakota Access Pipeline has created a great amount of controversy regarding Aboriginal Treaty Rights, environmental hazards and the involvement of police and government. The pipeline is projected to run alongside the Missouri River, crossing the Standing Rock Reservation. Energy Transfer Partners, or otherwise known as ETP is a company housed in Houston, Texas that is in control of various pipelines running throughout the USA, including the Dakota Access Pipeline (Camp of the Sacred Stone 2016). Many Indigenous people are advocating for a re-rout of this pipeline claiming the land rightfully belongs to them under an 1851 treaty with the government (Reuters news 2016: 1). Although, Energy Transfer Partners alongside with police are working to remove indigenous…

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