The Controversy Of The Earth Essay

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For hundreds of years, the controversy of how the earth was created has been a hot topic among people of all beliefs. Do you have an opinion about how the earth was created? Hopefully, giving all of the information stated in this paper, you will firmly believe that God created the earth. The Bible says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (To, A. God-Centered Approach). Science says that the earth was created by a massive explosion of light and energy; some scientists also call it the “Big Bang Theory” ("Did God Create the Universe?”). According to the Bible, God made us, we did not make ourselves. According to science, there was a hydrogen atom that steadily grew over many centuries, and man developed. The Bible says that God formed fruit trees before fish, however evolution says that fish originated before fruit trees. Evolution declares that the earth commenced as a boiling melted blob, whereas the Bible declares that the earth was first generated covered with water. The “Big Bang,” an explosion of light and energy, is said to have happened roughly twenty billion years ago. Because of this explosion, the sun clearly came first, and then the earth formed in an unknown, random way. On the other hand, the Bible says that the earth was created on day one of the six days of creation, and the sun was not created until day four ("Contents."). There are two different beliefs of how old the earth actually is. There are the “young earth,” and also the…

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