The Controversy Of Drinking Licenses Essay

832 Words Oct 2nd, 2014 4 Pages
There has been numerous accidents in our community that were caused by alcohol; in fact, Earl Rochester proclaims that in order to control the number of people that consume alcohol, the government should create drinking licenses. These licenses will pioneer a pathway to create a safer society between the everyday citizens and future generations. Although the people in society are responsible for their own actions, it is the job of the government in order to enforce the laws that it creates. Rochester’s acknowledgement of drinking licenses stands true because it will help the citizens to limit their consumption of alcohol; thus, reducing the tragedies of alcohol-related accidents and provide an easier and more efficient approach to alcohol laws that will benefit the community economically. Our society lacks the knowledge that they need in order to determine healthy and adequate alcohol levels; thus, citizens are unaware of the negative impacts that are forced into society when alcohol is consumed irresponsibly. Any type of license that is issued by a country is done in order to limit some sort of aspect that requires responsibility; however, something like alcohol is ignored because it is considered a pleasure that all people over the age of twenty-one can partake in without any worries. Without the government enforcing any sort of educational reform over this epidemic, then citizens will stay in the shadows, be neglected from the safe levels of alcohol consumption, and…

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