The Controductory Stages Of Fate And Fate In Oedipus The King

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Through the long and dramatic story of Oedipus; The King, the main character learns to accept his fate through accepting the worst in life 's journey, for him it was a curse. When the reader first meets Oedipus, he can seen as very ignorant.In his address to the elder of Thebes, Oedipus introduces himself as a king who thinks of himself in a god like way. He believes he is only able to lift a plague of Thebes. Oedipus is faced with the truth of his fate, a curse, from which he has been running from all along. He learns to change his attitude and outlook proving himself to be a hero like leader rather than a sad arrogant ruler like first depicted.
In the introductory scene of the text, Oedipus addresses the elders of Thebes as “My children
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“How strange a shadowy memory crossed my mind, just know while you were speaking it, it chilled my heart (685,686).” This story was so powerful that it gave him a chill. Oedipus starts to know something is wrong after experiencing a hazy memory. At the end of Scene 2 he confronts his wife, Isocate “You may be right. But come; let someone go for the shepherd at once. This must be settled. (813-815).” By admitting that someone else may be right, this is a lot of change from the previous referrals of his way of thinking of others. There can be change seen when Oedipus was able to admit to having a slight memory to the story and was eager to meet with the storyteller to get answers. When he faced again with a challenge, he calls on help again. “Go, on one of you, and bring the shepherd here. Let us leave this woman to brag of her royal name (1113,1114).” This action is reinstating that he is willing to do anything to get to the truth of the problem. Despite his wife 's unwillingness, he chose counteract leaving her behind. Oedipus is developing into a more versatile role, and changing his arrogant ways and can be seen as very dramatic in his final …show more content…
When the reader first meets Oedipus, they view him as an ignorant ruler, concerned only with bettering himself. He was not worried with the plague was brought upon Thebes until learning it was because of the murder of the prior king. He becomes paranoid that he will be murdered. He learned the unfortunate truth of his life, that he was the murderer and married to his own mother. Oedipus has to learn to accept this unfortunate truth. Through a series of small steps, Oedipus learns to cope with his unfortunate curse, and changes his ignorance to knowledge before stabbing his eyes out and taking his own life to free the city of the

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