Rise Of Judaism Essay

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The history of those who practice Judaism is one that pre-dates Christianity. The history of Judaism is traced as far back as Abraham. The Hebrew Bible tells us that, Yahweh and Abraham had made covenant. In the covenant Yahweh promises Abraham land known as Canaan, the promise land, and an abundance of descendants. The descendants later become to be known as the children of Israel after Jacob, Abraham’s grandson that Yahweh renames as Israel. The people of Israel reside in Canaan until famine strikes the land forcing them to abandon in search of a better living.
Later, they settle in Egypt where things don’t get too much better when they are eventually enslaved. During their time in Egypt another important figure of Judaism appears, Moses,
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Nehemiah, a Persian official, helped the Jews rebuild the city of Jerusalem. Ezra was a scribe and priest. They sympathized with the Jews in Judah who strayed from traditional worship, contributed in reforming, reorganize the Jews. Ezra collected essential traditional and sacred writings in the Torah or the first five books in the Hebrew Bible. Ezra because of his contribution to Judaism is considered as the man responsible for reestablishing Judaism after the exile.
“Judaism is one of the oldest monotheistic religions and was founded over 3500 years ago in the Middle East” as stated by bbc.co.uk. Judaism is a monotheistic religion. The God they worship is, Yahweh. They also believe the messiah will come in the end. The Jews share a special relationship with their God. Their relationship is in the form of a covenant. In exchange for the common good God does for the Jewish people they in return uphold the laws given to them by God.
Judaism has a strong sense of community. Jews believe they were chosen by God to set an example of holiness and ethics to others. There are many aspects of their religion that requires them to fulfill as a community. For instance, the prayer books use we and our. Along with community family plays an important role in

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