Survival Of The Fittest: On The Origin Of Species By Charles Darwin

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Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, England, on February 12, 1809. He died April 19, 1882 in Kent, England. Charles Darwin brought many interesting ideas to the world of science. He established the brilliant idea of evolution. Charles Darwin was an English naturalist and geologist. He is best known for his theory of evolution. Darwin learned most of his information on the Voyage of the Beagle. Charles Darwin wrote a book, On the Origin of Species. From this book, came the the saying “Survival of the Fittest.” Darwin also came up with natural selection. Charles Darwin accomplished many things with his life. He still has many fans and followers because of his discoveries. Darwin was the second youngest of six children. He has a long line …show more content…
Charles Darwin is well known for his theory of evolution. Darwin did not come up with evolution until after the his expedition on the HMS Beagle. He was studying specimens in London when he discovered evolution. Experts in London, such as John Gould told Darwin that his specimens had never been seen before. Darwin proposed that the specimens resembled species from South Africa. “It seemed to Darwin as if stray migrants from South America had come to the Galapagos, after the islands rose from the sea as volcanoes, and then changed over time in isolation on the islands,” (Wyhe). Darwin pondered upon the fact that new species can form from out of nowhere. He studied how farmers and pigeon fanciers can make distinctive breeds. He learned that organisms are infinitely variable. Darwin wanted to explain how a change could occur (Wyhe). “Change in an organism 's environment forces the organism to adapt to fit the new environment, eventually causing it to evolve into a new species (Bar Yam). Isolation is when two of the same organism of the same species are separated. When the organism are separated, they are not able to reproduce. Since they cannot reproduce this forms mutation to occur. The organism may become a new species (Bar-Yam). Darwin concluded that animals, plants, and other types of living objects can change within accordance to their surrounding elements. Evolution was not Darwin’s idea alone. The speculation of evolution had already been purposed by his grandfather, Erasmus Darwin. “Darwin saw all life as a single genealogical tree, branching and rebranching. Thus similarities between different kinds of living things would be expected from their joint ancestry or common descent,” (Wyhe). Evolution along with natural selection were Darwin’s major

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