Essay on The Contribution Of African American History

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In American history, there has been a plethora of individuals who have gone down in the books as the best of the best in their contribution to African American history, both the past and the present. African American history has dated as early as 1903 with W.E.B Dubois to Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def in 1984. These two phenomenal activists all paved the way for a long legacy of Black culture, music, education, and social justice.Today, the two of these activists lie in many social movements, including the Black Lives Matter movement with similar ideas, feelings and issues . W.E.B Dubois and Mos Def both introduce racism, including African American lynchings and social issues that went on from early 1900’s until present day. To begin with, W.E.B Dubois was born as William Edward Burghardt on February 23rd, 1868 in Massachusetts. Dubois was a student who was considered mulatto, so he had no trouble with school is massachusetts. However, when Dubois decided to attend Fisk University, he witnessed first hand American racism while also obtaining his master in the arts. After attending Fisk, he entered into Harvard gaining a doctorate in history and later attending Berlin. Later on he created “ First Philadelphia Negro” after interacting with racism at Fisk, which he discussed the likelihood that every one out of 10 Black men would become leaders. In 1909, Dubois founded the National Association for Advanced Colored people better known as the (NAACP). Du Bois 's most lasting…

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