The Consumption Of Sugar Sweetened Beverages Essay

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Fat Tax “The consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages has been linked to risks for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease; therefore, a compelling case can be made for the need for reduced consumption of these beverages”. If a fat tax was to be passed the health benefits would increase by quite a lot. A tax wouldn’t have to be a large amount but enough to provide funding for programs or things like that. Children and teens would also benefit from a tax because a majority of children and teens like to drink sugar sweetened beverages, and if they realize what they are paying for and consuming, consumption would go down by quite a lot. A fat tax would increase tax revenue and help people of all ages realize what they are paying for and eating.
A tax on sugar sweetened beverages would have a substantial positive impact on people 's health by making them understand how much they are drinking, while realizing what they are spending their money on. From 1977 to 2002, the intake of caloric dense beverages doubled in all age groups. More studies have been conducted since then and it has been shown that in 2005-2006, children and adults in the US consume 172-175 kcal daily. This is a huge number that could be brought down with a tax on sugar sweetened beverages. In one study “over the course of 2 academic years showed that the risk of becoming obese increased by 60% for every additional serving of sugar sweetened beverages per day.” (Brownell et al.
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