The Consumption of Alcohol by Aboriginal People Is an Important Social Issue in Modern Australia, and as Such This Essay Will Focus on Exploring It in Relation to Current Literature

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After the settlers had introduced alcohol as an exchange for sex and labour it soon became obvious that alcohol had a negative effect (Saggers and Gray, 1998). Aboriginals used alcohol as a ‘remedy-all’ for their pain and many of them used it as an agent to cope with the fact that they were being ruled by non-indigenous people.

In the late 19th century laws were brought about to restrict Aboriginals from accessing alcohol. The laws did little to reduce the alcohol consumption but instead excluded Aboriginals from important social activities (Saggers and Gray, 1998). Martin and Brady (2004) suggest that out of fear of being captured and rejected, Aboriginals developed patterns of harmful drinking which continues to this day and have a major impact on their health - whilst the non-Indigenous Australians profited from the sale (Department of Health and Ageing, 2009)

A history of social determinants such as social exclusion, a legal framework supporting the removal of children from families, removal from country and racism have influenced the health status of Aboriginals. It was believed that during the colonisation period, Aboriginals were a dying race and a protection policy was implemented. They lost their independence due to this policy which forced them to give up where they lived and how they lived (van Krieken et al.,

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