The Constitution Give Us All The Freedom Of Religion Essay

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Amendment I in the U.S constitution give us all the freedom of religion. However, is that really true if every time we say the pledge of allegiance, we have to say “under God”? The pledge of allegiance was originally created by Colonel George Balch in 1887. Since it was first created, it has been revised several times and different parts and words have been added to the pledge. One of the words that were added during the revision of the pledge are the words “under God”. The words “under God” were added in 1954 after many revisions. Many people believe that the words “under God” should remain as part of the pledge as it always has been, however, other including myself prefer the words to be taken out. The United States is a very diverse country in not only ethnicity but also in religion. There are people who are not Christian or does not even believe in a god. It is unfair to ask them to say those words every time they have to say the pledge. It is important to separate the state and the religion. The words “under God” is considered to be part of a tradition by some while others believe it’s an unnecessary word that was added during the revisions.
There are people who believe that the words “under God” being part of the pledge is justified. Many people believe that the words “under God” has been part of the pledge since the beginning and it is considered to be a tradition of The United States. People have signed a petition to make sure the words would not be taken out…

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