Essay about The Constitution And Its Impact On Women 's Leadership

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The constitution is not gender specific so it was unconstitutional to deny women the vote. The constitution needed to be amended because women had been denied the right to vote for more than a century. The legal institutional improvements is changing the current political system to be more favorable to women than pastimes. Granting women the suffrage has created more elected female leaders. Hillary was fortunate to play the woman card to try appease about 50% of the United States population because they are women. Freedom to own your property after marriage has let a larger number of married women working today than before this law was made. Women have more opportunity to obtain laws degrees because Title IX prevents educational institution for discriminating against them. Permitting women the right to work in the military provides more paths for higher political office participation.
Money is power. Change of industry can improve perceptions of women 's leadership. Developing new dominate industries can push for a new democracy. It occurred in the Wild West. At its origins, the Wild West was made up of men camps. It had poor economy because women were scarce and men practiced self-sufficiency. Some women saw an opportunity and they migrated to the Wild West as prostitutes to satisfy the great demand for female company. Prostitution was a lucrative business for women. Prostitution was one the few job options available to them. Trading prostitution created financially…

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