The Conspiracy Theory On September 11, 2001

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Conspiracy Theory
On September 11, 2001 a catastrophic event occurred in New York. The twin towers were struck by two aircrafts and they collapsed in just minutes. This horrific event ended in about 3,000 people killed or severely injured. After this there was a lot of controversy about the event and many scientists and authors started putting out conspiracy theories about the event. Some of these conspiracy theories are completely irrelevant and some are believable, which caused me to go into deeper research about them. I have chosen two conspiracy theories that interests me through their analysis, and I was able to find research to see if they are real and how the author proves his theory. The two theory’s that I chose were the theory that
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There has been a controversy about the pentagon and whether it was hit by a plane or not. Some people say that the pentagon was hit by a missile that the United States launched and that a plane never even hit the pentagon. After doing some research I found an article about the missile and the pentagon ( by Michael Thomas. As I am reading this article I notice that the author uses a lot of pictures and videos to try to prove his conspiracy theory. I also learn from the article that there could have been a possibility that a missile did indeed hit the pentagon. The pictures that the author uses are from the day that the attack happened, one of which an explosion is happening and you can clearly see the missile hit the pentagon. Another picture shows the hole that was created in the pentagon and the size of that hole is way smaller than the wingspan on the plane, meaning that there could have been no possible way that a commercial airliner could have crashed into the pentagon. Another fact that the article talks about is the damage done to the building. When the plane hit the World Trade Center it caused a massive explosion and a roaring fire was started because of all the jet fuel. If a plane hit the pentagon then the same would have happened and would have caused a massive fire, however this did not occur. Instead, it is believed that a missile caused a small hole with some minor damage …show more content…
This means that the planes that crashed into the twin towers may have been a cover up and they weren’t really the reason why the buildings had collapsed in the first place. After finding this theory I figured I would need to do some research about this theory and find an article on it or some type of evidence that will help me decide whether or not this theory is real. After research I find this article ( called “Eyewitness Reports Persists Of Bombs At WTC Collapse”, which was written by Christopher Bollyn on December 1st, 2001. While I was reading this article I learned that the twin towers were designed to withstand a 150 year storm or an attack such as something like 9/11. With this being said, there could have been no way that just the jet fuel could have melted the steel beams, the jet fuel could have weakened them but it certainly wasn’t enough to melt them and cause the building to collapse the way that they did. Another fact that I found out was that people inside the building actually heard bombs going off from the 80th floor to the 74th floor, and in all the videos I have seen from the collapse you can clearly see bombs go off before the collapse has hit that point. The article seemed to have good evidence that could prove that the conspiracy theory could have been correct. After reading I thought that I would do

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