Shakespeare Conspiracy Theory Essay

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Shakespeare is a curious character as he has a variety of conspiracies surrounding his authorship, he has the government believing one thing and the rest of the world believing another, he is still a topic of debate after 400 years while others do not make it 100 years, and his conspiracy theory started in a very undramatic way.
If the facts are examined surrounding Shakespeare’s authorship, there is only one clear answer. There is no need to consider this a conspiracy theory. The only reason it could be considered a conspiracy is if people are still questioning the results that one university discovered in 2016.
Shakespeare Writes His Own Plays The government version is that Shakespeare did all his own work. And just as Pruitt (2015) explains,
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The title of the article reads “...Marlowe Gets His Due”. This is the biggest turning point a conspiracy theory could have. This means that it’s no longer a conspiracy theory. It means someone was smart enough to prove that their beliefs were right! In this instance is was a group of people who proved it. And those people happen to be the “smarter” people in society- attendants at Florida State University.
When a movie script is made, it typically is not one person doing the script. Instead, it is a group of people that have come together to write it and then the leaders of that group get most (if not all) the credit. Why would the Shakespearean age be any different? According to those who studied this, it was not any different. Shakespeare really did write his own plays- with the help of others and a huge part of that was Christopher Marlowe. He is now accredited with his part in the making of Shakespeare's plays.
Because Marlowe and Shakespeare had such different views, it made the plays more fantastic to watch with different viewpoints. Marlowe and Shakespeare both were raised in more humble settings and grew to be big in the entertainment industry. This made it easier for them to collaborate. Shakespeare liked nature and darker, more realistic ideals, while Marlowe preferred to write about brighter and unrealistic ideals.
People Have Known Shakespeare Could Not Have Written His Own Plays
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Such as the unpoetic nature of his will and the fact that he never mentioned his plays and sonnets in the will or anywhere else in his personal belongings. (His will is one of the few places we can find his signature. He wrote his signature three times on it.) Shakespeare simply gave his belongings to his wife and daughter. It was rumored he had one of the biggest libraries in England. As McMichael and Glenn (1962) explain, “...If he had his own library, surely this would have been one of his most valuable possessions.” (p.125) And yet, there wasn’t a word mentioned about it in his

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