The Hitler-Stalin Pact's Negative Impact On Nazi Germany

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The Hitler-Stalin pact is an amazing topic because the pact was made up of the two most hated dictators of the 1800s and both Hitler and Stalin made many countries fear them and try to ally with them. The pact had a lot of victories and destructions against other countries, but then the pact ended with Hitler 's dead and Germany 's defeat in WWII. The pact shows the ups and downs of having a pact with two greedy dictators that would do anything to gain power and expand their empires. There are many consequences that lead to Nazi Germany’s downfall, but the most negative impact on Nazi Germany was when Hitler decided to declare war on the Soviet Union which resulted in the downfall of Nazi Germany and led Hitler to commit suicide.

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The pact helped Hitler invade Poland in "1939 when Stalin helped Hitler open up the western doors of Poland to the German invasion, exposing millions of Jews there to the brutality of occupation, ghettoization, eventual deportation to the concentration camps, and systematic murder." When Hitler accomplished one of his aims for the pact he began to feel the rush of taking over other countries and proud of his accomplishments. The pact also, gave Hitler both allies and military support. Since, both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union helped out Spain and Italy by giving them some of their resources in return they got their support and their resources when they needed it and Spain and Italy decided to became allies with Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. The more Hitler helped other countries the more those countries respected him and wanted to ally with Nazi Germany. The more countries Nazi Germany had supporting them the more other countries feared them and wanted to go against them. Both France and Britain wanted to defeat Nazi Germany because they wanted to weaken Nazi Germany and all the countries allied to Hitler, but when France tried to defeat Nazi Germany they couldn’t because Hitler “avoided a slow defeat from France through the attrition and economic strangulation which resulted in a swift victory in May-June 1940." Many people were surprised that Nazi Germany won even the Soviet Union because …show more content…
Many countries feared the Hitler-Stalin pact because it was getting too powerful that it started to create problems for Hitler. Many countries like France and Britain dislike how much power the pact was getting that France decided to go to war with Nazi Germany. Other countries like Britain also, felt that the pact was getting too strong that they decided to “abruptly cut off trade talks with the Germans.” After Hitler defeated France by himself his ambition started to go to his head that he started to plan out a way to defeat his companion Stalin because Hitler found out that Russia had massive wheatfields in Ukraine, and extensive oil fields that Hitler wanted to own. Also, after finding out that Russia had all these resources Hitler started to view Russia as his true enemy.When Stalin heard the “invasion, warnings of its imminence came from a multitude of sources other than Soviet intelligence. One came in a telegram from Winston Churchill, the now embattled Britain 's prime minister. This was one of the warnings that Stalin failed to pass on to his General Staff; he saw it as an effort to hasten a collision between him and Hitler.” Stalin refused to listen to the telegram about Hitler planning to attack the USSR because he wasn 't sure he actually was going to do it and he didn 't want

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