The Consequences Of The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The Crucible is a play written about a simpler time in Salem Massachusetts, when the town was of strict Puritan way, basically “small town, small mindlessness”. The Crucible I all about a group of girls that start pointing fingers at innocent people blaming then for witchcraft after they were caught dancing in the forest, which at this time was considered witchcraft. In the end 19 people were hanged for witchcraft. However, the author Arthur Miller, ha more in mind when he wrote this play. While the Salem witch trials were real events that actually took place, Arthur had more in mind when writing this play. When Arthur Miller wrote this play he was being imprisoned for contempt of congress in 1957 (Shmoop). In America during the 1950’s many …show more content…
He was convicted of being a communist, whist intern meant he was trying to become more politically powerful then the American government. Even though he only attended one party and soon left because he didn’t like it, he was still considered a communist and a threat to the government. In turn he was imprisoned and his name and career were drug through the mud and he was not able to be the same man that he once was. Arthur Miller was later released from prison and the verdict over turned. With that being said the Crucible can be related to our society today. Think of how things go when people say something about someone else or about you that isn’t true. Your name in not just your name, it is your dignity, your life, and everything you believe in. When your name is thought about many other thoughts come in play. What kind of person you are, how you treat others, and what you do with your life. If it came down to it and it was your dignity, your life, and everything you have always believed in and what you know to be true, what would you do? Let your name be trashed like John Proctor in the Crucible, or be imprisoned like Arthur

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