The Black Plague

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In order to understand how the black plague manage to spread as rapidly as it did as well as how it killed as many people as it did one must first understand its origin. Through the Mongol conquest of the Afro-Eurasia, the Mongols established a large network of communication through cultural exchange. The Mongols had a great deal of religious tolerance and do to this they had a variety of different cultures within their region of influence. However, these positive outcomes did not come without cost. The Black Death spread through these new found paths of communication. It first spread to China approximately in the early 1300’s. One of theories to why the plague had spread so rapidly was that the Mongols used catapults in order to fling corpses …show more content…
The symptoms caused the infected various issues that were very detrimental to their well-being. The plague caused the infected populace to have decreased intelligence among other things such as deep sleep, loss of speech, and insomnia. “Symptoms of cephalic affection were frequent; many patients became stupefied and fell into a deep sleep, losing their speech due to palsy of the tongue; others remained sleepless, without rest.” As mentioned, the high fever caused boils on the tongue. Due to this, patients with the plague had extreme thirst. This had made the plague quite difficult to treat. The general consensus on how the plague spread at the time was through the air. This however is now known to be false. This false knowledge caused the plague ridden rodents to be overlooked. The Black Death soon spread throughout Afro-Eurasia like wildfire. In regions such as China where there were enormous populace, the plague reigned free. Based on the different regions, the death rates ranged from 50 to 90 percent of the infected populace. It is reported that at least half, if not more, of Afro-Eurasia that became afflicted with the Black Plague expired by the time the population had slowed down. As the population had diminished so did the plague. Without as many living hosts the Black Plague died down. Although the Black Plague caused mass destruction, there was some light to come out of this tragedy. Europe suffered shortages in labor due to the diminished population. Higher wages and better conditions were offered to the people who had survived the

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