The Consequences Of Nonverbal Communication

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In 1872 Charles Darwin argued that all mammals, both humans and animals, showed emotion through facial expressions. He laid the foundation for nonverbal research by asking, why do we wrinkle our nose when we are disgusted and bare our teeth when we are enraged? Over the last hundred years much research has been put into answering this question and many more relating to nonverbal cues and the rolls they play in everyday life.
An augment that is being debated today is to what degree does nonverbal cues and behaviour have impact over verbal communication, or does verbal communication render nonverbal messages unnecessary. Separating nonverbal and verbal communication presents us with two positions hold significantly different points of view on
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However nonverbal cues still play many powerful roles in how verbal communication is perceived. According to Mohan… nonverbal cues (or signals) signify attitudes and information in relationship with verbal communications. Nonverbal cues can express subconscious signals such as interest or disinterests, dominance or submissiveness within interpersonal conversation. An example put forward by Mohan… is the use of eye contact. In many cases eye contact is used almost completely outside awareness to signal the natural flow of conversation form speaker to …show more content…
However in many cases non-verbal cues can carry emotional meaning and can lend credibility or distrust verbal communication outside of receivers awareness. Kossan… reports that individuals tend to trust their interpretation of nonverbal behavior. An example presented by Kossan… is politicians who are trained to change their nonverbal behavior. This can be a powerful to in swaying constituency and winning voter trust. This can be opens individuals misinterpretation and manipulation under the right circumstances. Meaning interpreted from nonverbal communication is subject to both psychological, sematic noise and can be deliberately manipulated by trained

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