Definition Of Marriage

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Marriage is just another form of institution. It is just another form of 21st century slavery. The word love is a strong word that is thrown around a lot without a notion to the true meaning of it. Love rarely comes after a man and woman get married but is the product of the initial relationship leading up to marriage. Marriage and love are far apart with their intentions, while marriage is mainly an economic arrangement, love is powerful and not something to be messed with. While marriage is a joint interaction and arrangement between two people to invest their life together and spend it with the person he or she is in love with. That is the problem because marriage and love do not go together, but is mainly a safety net on which to base …show more content…
If human culture and family did not base a woman 's success on getting married from birth on, then we would not be in this mess and maybe, just maybe, marriage would not be seen as a safety net. The marriage gets further strained when the woman is subjected to cruel punishment and is told to stick it out for the better. What if there is no better, but only bad that comes out of it. The woman is stuck trying to find love even though it might eventually kill her. This a double edged sword with the woman having no positive outcome out of this. Either she submits her everything to this one endeavor and or man or face persecution from her family. Some women from other countries are forced to marry at a young age so that the family can choose her candidate and make sure she gets married. This is a travesty in the system of marriage. The only beneficial part to marriage is the joint unity between man and woman. That joint security where the woman can feel like she is a part of something special, but that is all she has to look forward to. She thinks that she free from the shackles that bound her to this estate, but she is not as evidenced by the lengthy process of …show more content…
The norms women have to follow are way too many in number to list, but they are slowly drowning out who women really are. The form of marriage is not the best place to show women can make it on their own. If women never married and just stuck with being free from men’s grasps, then the societal view will change of them. These norms we have placed on them will hopefully dissipate over time. Cultural expectations and systems go hand in hand. We place them in this system for obedience and dedication to her household. A women is expected to obey at the drop of a hat, but that is not the case if we want women to strive for more. The solution is for everyone in the world to have a deeper understanding of the plight of females and not to joke or to mess around with it comes to equal rights. We have assigned roles to the female gender and in order to get rid of them, we need to come together as a world and only then will we slowly rid of the stereotypes of

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