Essay on The Consequences Of Law Violations

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As one interacts with numerous people on a daily basis, especially is their neighborhood is filled with criminalistics activity, they will learn these behaviors as they get older with the assistance of those around them. These criminal behaviors also occur most in personal groups. For instance, if a child is raised in a home where the parents are continuously doing drugs, they will most likely view this behavior as something that is advantageous towards them. Young criminals often learn from those who consider themselves professional in regards to committing crimes. They basically copy everything they see their leader doing from the actual committing of the crime to dealing with the consequences. Cultural conflict is when individuals are exposed to different views in regards to what is right versus what is wrong. For example, people in one community may view committing crimes and defrauding the system as something that is favorable, while on the other hand many may view these actions as extremely negative. When it comes to viewing the consequences of law violations as favorable vs. non-favorable, one then ultimately becomes a criminal. For example, a teenager hears his friends speaking about how they made a lot of money by committing a robbery even though they went to jail, this teenager will view this criminal act as favorable due to the fact that they ultimately made money despite the consequence. Growing up, parents or those around and individual may or may not teach them…

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