Emile Durkheim's Social Control Theory

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Anomie: A breakdown of social order as a result of a loss of standards and values.

-This is important because the breakdown of social order is a key ingredient in the social control theory as the population becomes more dumbed down and less aware as the citizens stands and values descend.

Differential Association Theory: people learn to commit crime as a result of contact with antisocial values, attitudes, and criminal behavior patterns.

-This is important because as more people allow their standards and values to diminish, the more likely people are lenient to commit crimes as a result of lacking standards to want to live life unlike a criminal, and therefore, higher quantity of individuals committing crimes and contributing to this theory.
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Durkheim wrote about the normality of crime in society. To him, the explanation of human conduct as well as human misconduct, lies not in the individual but in the group and social organization. In this context, Durkheim introduced the term “anomie”.

-This is important because in order to normalize chaos, strategically groups and social organizations will be fighting amongst each other, escalating attacks on each other until crime committed against each other is normalized which creates chaos for social control to command and stir up issues among those
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This can also apply a negative impact on society if the standards and values are so high and distant from the middle-class it creates a disconnect between societies creating a growing divide between the classes of societies.

Concentric Zone Theory: Robert Park and Ernest Burgess developed the idea of natural urban areas, consisting of concentric zones extending out from the downtown central business district to the commuter zone at the fringes of the city. Each zone had it’s own structure and organization, it’s own cultural characteristic and unique inhabitants.

-This is important because as it allows for individuals of different background, beliefs, and cultures to easily fit in with their corresponding culture group. It creates a divide amongst the different groups and more easily allows social control to pit the groups against each other to create chaos and social unrest for a community.

Strain theory: All members of society subscribe to one set of cultural values, that of the middle

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