The Consequences Of Garibaldi

Register to read the introduction… They planned to recapture Nice and Savoy with no thought for the consequences. Cavour panicked, realising the catastrophic consequences of attempting to start a war with France could have. However news from Sicily about a rebellions occurring led to Garibaldi changing course. Garibaldi arrived in Sicily and moved up through the state acquiring more recruits and people joined his growing army. Soon Sicily was in the hands of Garibaldi and entirely under his control. He then headed north, towards Rome. This greatly worried Cavor and Victor Emmanuel II. If Garibaldi attacked the French troops in Rome, France would surely step in and crush Sardinia. The only way to counter this was for the Sardinian army to invade the remaining Papal States and meet Garibaldi halfway. In doing so Sardinia gained even more of the states bringing Unification a step closer. On the 27th of October Garibaldi and Victor Emmanuel II met in Teano where Garibaldi formally handed over all the land he had gained, this leaving Piedmont – Sardinia in control of every state Venetia and the city of Rome. Only Garibaldi’s actions could have led to this achievement, if he had not conquered Sicily it is unlikely Sardinia ever would and Unification would have never been reached, However if it had not been for Cavour and Victor Emmanuel’s decision to meet Garibaldi halfway by invading the remaining Papal states that led to them joining the new unified …show more content…
Venetia still occupied and dominated by Austrian forces and Rome still occupied by French troops. Then suddenly in 1861 Cavour died taking his political genius with him. Piedmont – Sardinia could never replace him afterwards. He had been a genius and his contribution to unification vitally important. The final stages of unification were small events. Garibaldi attempted several more times to take Rome but never succeeded to the relief of Victor Emmanuel II who knew that attempting to take Rome would lead to a war with France who would not let it go unnoticed. In 1866 Austria was swallowed up and defeated by Prussia in a vicious war the new unified state of Italy took no part in. This left Venetia in the hands of the new Italian state, only Rome remained. Then in 1870 Prussia defeated France and Rome fell to Italian hands, unifying

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