The Conscious Application Of Utilitarianism Essay

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The conscious application of utilitarianism given the day to day moral dilemmas people face regularly always includes an unwavering choice to avoid any displeasure that may introduce itself while actively choosing pleasure and happiness regardless of decision consequence. The egocentric notion commonly associated with the utilitarian approach to common moral dilemmas remains among the most identifiable traits associated with the utilitarian concept given the resolution to consistently avoid the possibility of encountering negativity. Consequently, utilitarianism is subject to identify less with humanity in lieu of self-seeking good. Notably, it is also associated with little to no clarity given concise moral transgressions as a direct result of the utilitarian rejection of common ethical codes which stem from human entities such as traditions, customs, or even religious order. Contrarily, utilitarian’s take an arguable far more simplistic approach, one that essentially gathers the concepts of morality to be true and justified given its favorable contribution to one’s livelihood.
Given a brief understanding of the utilitarian approach, it is easily understood that the act of carrying out such an approach must carry a significant amount of implications. After all, given such an approach, how can one determine the concept of “good” so simply without first considering the well-being of others given the effects of acting solely on the basis of self-interest? Accordingly, a…

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