Essay on The Cons Of Being A Football Player

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The Cons of Being a Football Player

In 2015, Super Bowl XLIX became the most-watched show in U.S. history with a whopping 114.4 million viewers. Based on these data found in a press release made by NBC Sports Pressbox, there is no denying that American football is currently one of the biggest sports in the world and it shows no signs of slowing down. Many parents, huge football fans themselves, have taken to sending their sons to play football at the tender age of seven or younger, in hopes that their sons will become a professional football player in the near future. Being a football player would generate many incentives, such as having a well-toned physique; garnering good team playing skills; learning to be efficient; putting together a commendable résumé; and receiving a good amount of money. While securing a contract to play pro football may seem like a realistic and achievable dream – although it has been stated on that only 1.6% of college football players make it to pros – for some of their trained and talented athletic sons, these parents fail to realize that they are jeopardizing their sons’ future from the very beginning by allowing them to play. This is because there are many downsides of being a football player. Being a football player is non-beneficial when it could tamper with one’s physical and mental health - with a worst-case scenario resulting to the matter of life and death - as well as their education. However, as a highly publicized and…

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